Meeting IPC Kodama Japanese Drum Team from New Zealand





I have to say it — I think we have met our New Zealand Genki brothers and sisters! Today we had the honor of meeting IPC Kodama  Japanese Drum team from New Zealand and they took my breath away. They came to the US for the first time to play at the World Taiko Gathering and performed a 10 minute set at the ‘Nooner Jam’ concert. Being from New Zealand they combine both Japanese and Maori cultures and it was extremely powerful. Their fighting spirit brought tears to my eyes.

We were lucky enough to meet and talk to them after Genki played our set at the ‘Lunar Jam.’ I think they loved us as much as we loved them. One of their members had bought our t-shirt and wore it to the concert 🙂 After our love fest, we had to take a group photo (of course) and as it turns out, they just as Genki as we are!

Check out their YouTube Channel or take a look at the VIDEO from the performance at the concert!


This group is genki all the way! Thank you Kodama Drum team for coming all the way from New Zealand!

Genki Sister — Karen



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