Bi-Racial Cheerios Ad gets some Heat


THUMBS UP! I woke up this morning and saw news about the new Cheerios ad featuring a bi-racial family and thought ‘WOW! That’s awesome!!’ Having been raised in a multi-racial, multi-ethnic (Chinese, Japanese, Swedish, Irish) household I never saw Bi-racial Cheerios Adfamilies like mine reflected in media images so commercials or ads that feature interracial/mixed heritage families have always caught my attention.

THUMBS DOWN! It’s confirmed … racism is alive and well.  Most of the news is reporting on the racist comments YouTube and Facebook are getting as a result of the ad. Really in 2013?

Growing up in the 70’s with a white step mom and mixed siblings, I was always the one singled out when we went out to the grocery store or to the doctor’s office. People would ask if I was adopted and I would feel embarrassed or confused. I’d like to think we were past that in the year 2013 but as the writer in Jezebel points out there are plenty of examples of parents being accused of not being the parents of mixed race children, and by the way, whose business would it be if I were adopted anyway?

Ads like these are a big deal and I hope we start to see lots of them. One thing I’ve appreciated is that this ad has gotten attention and prompted discussion with groups like AddictingInfo, Colorlines, providing a little more context then simply reporting on racial comments. I look forward to the day when multi-racial, multiethnic families are normal and really no big deal and maybe some day we’ll even see gay families in the supermarket ads — now that would be a good one.



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