Everyday Unaware Racism


A Chinese Canadian friend on Facebook posted this article about Canada’s new 100 dollar bill. Angry Asian Man also posted an article about it. The bill is supposed to celebrate science. The original artwork of the new bill included an image of an Asian woman at a microscope but the image raised eyebrows in focus groups and the ethnicity of the woman was removed. A couple reasons cited include, “the image didn’t represent Canada” and  “the inclusion of an Asian without representing any other ethnicities was seen to be contentious.”

Are you KIDDING me? What about the inclusion of white folks without the inclusion of other ethnicities? Don’t people understand that by putting images of white folks up that you ARE representing an ethnicity? When did ‘white’ become ‘nothing’ or ‘neutral.’ Racism hurts everyone.

C’mon folks when are we going to get it? It would be so exciting to acknowledge the contributions of people beyond the white males on our currency. And it’s not just exciting — it’s necessary. How are we to build communities of love and respect if we can’t acknowledge unaware racism. Shame on the folks who made the final call on the artwork for the new bill – it could have been a powerful move to acknowledge the world as it really is.



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