Why does it matter/el pasado es hoy día


In 2008 hundreds of la migra came in buses and vans, helicopters hovering, surrounded the Agriprocessors plant in quiet Postville, Iowa.

They arrested nearly 400 workers that day, mujeres y madres, jovenes e hijos, hombres y padres todos, líderes y breadwinners of sus familias, herded them “like the cattle they processed” into the National Cattle Congress in a town nearby.

We watched the film “abUSed” in Immigration Law today, and the scene of the fairgrounds me dio chills down mi espalda.

Hay otros ejemplos en la historia de este país donde la gente were rounded up, arrested on bogus charges, (si aun hubiera ningunos putos charges) and detained in places meant for livestock?

For me, healing is hard because all these heridas/wounds se quedan tan fresco, reincarnated, repurposed, llevando otra máscara, Japanese American, Guatemalan, Mexican, Brazilian, ya no serás tú, ahora, eres nosotros.

We are one and the same, same struggle, same fight/la lucha, hasta victoria siempre.

La migra forced the workers, without assistance of counsel, to accept plea bargains–to sign away their rights (también sus vidas estadounidenses) and ser culpable de identity theft.

Like fraudulent loyalty, fraudulent claims: renounce your right to try your case on the merits, renounce your citizenship to this country. Former incarcerees and affidavits speak of insurmountable pressure, de familia, from one’s peers, to conform, and through uncertainty state no-no, renounce to keep the family together.

“Nadie firme, y vamos a ver lo que van a hacer a nosotros” but ten by tens they signed, they came for the purpose of providing for their children and to fight is so uncertain, to fight could lead to indefinite separation. The faster you plead, the faster you’re out, with a brand new GPS anklet.

They kept them in the fairgrounds, surrounded by chain link fences.

Ellos los mantuvieron en los centros de concentración, rodeado de alambradas.


It is not enough to heal for ourselves alone, it is not enough to simply move on. Nuestra experiencia es una advertencia, una señal, del futuro, de lo que podría pasar.

And who suffers? Y quien gana? We were a threat to white-owned agriculture in 1942, and today huge corporations profit off the backs of the exploited, the unprotected, los que tienen miedo de la amenaza de la migra. The “browning” of our prison systems, fear of the hordes streaming over the southern border, like the fear of the “yellow peril” from the east.


Divided, somos pocos, but together, jamás será vencido. Levántate! Stand juntos, y nunca forget, nuestras historias son nuestra fuerza.




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