just some things


morning saturates landscapes like an artist’s palette

heady scents of sagebrush and wildflowers remind of simpler times

Castle Rock: escape from the tedium of camp/symbol of an unattainable freedom/indelible image of this experience/glorious challenge/…swallow sanctuary

Start genki, feet won’t fail me now

perilous precipice,

delivers all it promises–sit quietly? not this sisterhood, smiles and panoramic poses all around.


graveyard: sacred space, where our ancestors were laid to…rest…behind barbed wire

“just those japs” bones worth less than the gravel around, we remember these among all other injuries in honoring those who have passed before us.


sobering occasions broken up with moments of life: this is also a time of reunion and joy, appreciation and laughter.


they came on trains with covered windows, covered the windows so that future prisoners could not tell where they were, could not see the place that would be “home”


owl pellet.

first time taiko player shows her genki




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