We arrived in Sacramento :)


Whoo-hoo 5 members of The Genki Spark (Karen, Nancy, Mayuko, Kumiko, and Lee Ann) made it to Sacramento. After a crazy night of packing and getting ready to board early morning flights we all made it! Lucky for us we were greeted by Kristy Oshiro in a big red van (with a license plate that reads I heart TAIKO) with more than enough space for us and all our gear. After getting our rental car she took us to get snow cones and mochi. Who knew that chocolate and chocolate/peanut butter mochi exists? Life is good.

This trip has been a taiko dream come true. Two years ago when I attended the Tule Lake pilgrimage in 2010, The Genki Spark was just a whisper of an idea. I remember having conversations with several people about starting an arts organization that focused on taiko drumming – an organization that also focused on advocacy and preserving our voices. And now, two years later, I’m bringing 11 members of the Genki community.

I am so honored to have the opportunity to have us perform for the pilgrimage (also makes me shake in my boots) – I can’t wait. There will be much more to come!



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